Monday, October 6, 2008

Anniversary Cruise, Part 2: CABO

Cabo San Lucas!

We had been to Cabo before, so we knew we really wanted to boat out to Lover's Beach, but instead we opted to schedule an excursion which we would not ordinarily get to do if the kid's would have been with us. I have always wanted to do a Zip-Line. I've really been waiting to cross that off my to-do list, so when I found out Cabo has an amazing course, we booked it!

You have got to check out their video!!!

It really shows how AWESOME this place was. We had the most incredibly amazing time!
.......................... ..........................

10 thrilling zip lines over a beautiful canyon. It was so dang fun! We rode tandem too, but I don't have any pics of that. Just took a few at the beginning then left my camera (GASP!) behind to just enjoy the adventure!

And we were glad that our group consisted of only FOUR people, running real smooth and with record time...SOOOOOO...

we double dipped and did a second excursion!

We were still able to make a getaway to Lover's Beach, just as we wished!

Didn't think it was possible, so we were quite happy. The water was absolutely perfect. We loved relaxing together and of course taking some fun pictures. You can see our ship here in the background, anchored in the sea of cortez.

I snapped this one as we toured around Land's End. Love that our ship is in the background again!

Anyway...sorry this took a bit to get Part 2 posted. The boys are sick...Jerry's been sleeping with Ethan on croup duty, and I've been sleeping with Levi on fever and "Mommy, Ouchie" duty. Poor baby doesn't understand why his body hurts. Praying they recover soon, and that the grown-ups don't go under too!