Friday, September 19, 2008

Look what Mommy did to me!

Look at what she did to my hair!!!
Why, oh why, did I listen to those EVIL people (who shall remain anonymous) who kept saying I should cut my child's beautiful hair? Why would they feed me such cruel ideas? Why would they manipulate me into such a horrible act? WHY!?

OK...I must admit, Levi is as adorable as EVER! And I did realize that he needed a little bit of a break from the hair in his eyes and framed around his face. He was a little sick of all the combing and "styling". So it is just a little break from the long luxurious locks of Levi. Besides, I HATE cutting his hair. I hate it because he hates it. It is NO fun at all. So this way it will be a little while before we have to go through with it again! But I still miss it. I miss it bad!

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deidrelee said...

Oh man that is to cute...well I admit I miss his do but he is cute as candy no matter what his hair looks like.....have fun on your 2nd honeymoon I look forward to that day for myself.